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Sep. 25th, 2013 10:36 pm
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NAME: Brooke. I also answer to Brooklyn, Woman, Hooker and Hey You. (My friends. They are so affectionate.)

LOCATION: Perth. The one in Australia as opposed to the one in Scotland.

OCCUPATION: I used to work in and around the Entertainment Industry which sounds really fancy but really it's a lot of hard work for little pay and looong hours but have spent the last five years (full-time anyway) caring for my Mum who passed unexpectedly at the end of the shitshow that was 2016.

PETS: Two Dogs (Shih-Tzu X Maltese) called Willow & Angel (I had their sister Buffy too but she passed at the end of last year) & a 21 year old cat named Sookie (Not related to True Blood).

FAMILY: I have two older brothers and through them, three nephews. My boys are awesome. Not married, no kids of my own but I kind of like it cause with my nephews? I can give them back at the end of the day ;) Sometimes I have mini family vents on plurk but you can dodge those by skipping anything labeled 'Real Life'.

OTHER: Assorted fun facts? I used to live in New Mexico, I spent three months roadtripping around the USA, I'm half Irish Catholic, Half Scottish Presbyterian (I know) and a little bit Romani. I drink more coffee than any one person should be able to consume and you don't want to see me on an - oh shit I ran out - day.


TV: From Dusk Till Dawn (The Series), Lost Girl, Nikita, Falling Skies, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Hannibal, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long-Blog, Dexter, Heroes, BtVS, Sherlock, Breaking In, Grey's Anatomy, Justified, Stargate: SG1, Atlantis & Universe, Spaced, Firefly, Black Books, Veronica Mars, Smallville, Awkward, Being Human (UK), Shameless (UK), Freaks & Geeks, Misfits, Arrow, NCIS, SPN, IDK we could be here a while if I keep going okay.

BOOKS: Vampire Academy, Southern Vampire Mysteries, Divergent Trilogy, Morganville, Blue Bloods, The Mortal Instruments, Throne of Glass Series, The Infernal Devices, The Hunger Games, ASOIAF, The Anne Trilogy, Protector of The Small Quartet, Harry Potter, The Dune Series, The Sprawl Trilogy (By Gibson, the one with Neuromancer in it), Neil Gaiman, Jane Austen, etc.

MOVIES: Fight Club, Donnie Darko, The Crow, Labyrinth, Heathers, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of The Dead, American Beauty, Anchorman, Southland Tales, FDTD, The Devil's Advocate, Girl! Interrupted, Everafter, Bladerunner, My guilty pleasures? 80s movies; Anything featuring the Brat Pack or made by John Hughes.etc.

MUSIC: The Red Paintings, The Dresden Dolls, Muse, Kings Of Leon, Eskimo Joe, John Butler Trio, Tool, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Red, Placebo, Incubus, Three Days Grace, NIN, Billy Talent, Mumford & Sons, Tegan & Sara, Spoon, Lana Del Ray, Damien Rice, Sufjan Stevens, Jeff Buckley, U2, Amanda Palmer, Bastile, Daughter, Halsey etc.

GAMING: Despite having an XBox Ones & PS4, I don't game as much as I used to. Still love me some Final Fantasy though and I do play FFXIV (online) - Balmung server.

OTHER: I spend way too much time procrastinating by making icons, plurk emotes, plurk layouts and doing cross-canon vids and playlists on Spotify (This used to say 8tracks but its so shit now) that relate to RP. My icons can be found over here. If you really wanna see the vids you can do so here and I'm on Spotify as Brooklyn2181.



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Muses: For everything else, see my Muselist

TAGGING: I try to tag at least once a day but like everyone, things get hectic and daily turns into every few days. I adore TLDR, give me some good angst any day of the week but on the flipside don't mind some light fun and fluff. I'm on a GMT +8 timezone but it'll take you all of a day being on my plurk to realize I don't really stick to that. I'm pretty backtag friendly but also don't mind if you need to drop things when it's run its course or if you find yourself overwhelmed by tags and am a big fan of Fade-To-Black so never worry about suggesting we end a tag wherever.

OTHER: I suck at updating CR charts so they get fiddled with every couple of months. All my journals have Permissions posts but you'll find that there's very little I'm not willing to play out. I may enjoy throwing my characters under a bus. I should probably not be allowed to role-play. All my journals should also have anon enabled hmds on them and should you ever have a question about anything I do or want to plot out shenanigans, please please please don't hesitate to ping me or drop me a PP or PM :D

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