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W e l p. That title was a mouthful! Anyway...

I quite often get asked if I'd consider making people crossover videos and as much as I'd love to do them all, anyone who knows anything about editing can tell you that it takes forever to gather all the clips you need just to make one video.

That being said, it's a lot easier when it's a shorter section cause you only need a few sources to edit together - (long story short, it's less of a pain in the ass) - so I thought I'd put out my feelers for anyone who would like me to consider using their Ship (OTP or BroTP) in some upcoming little projects I want to do along these lines.

I'm going to limit it to cross-canon pairings simply because there are a gazillion Canon fanvids if you search YouTube.

  • Leave me a comment with the form below.
  • If your character is an OC or Book Muse, Instead of listing the Series, please give at least one example of a series or movie the PB has done;

    I.E: If you use Crystal Reed as the PB for Piper McLean from the Percy Jackson series, under Series note that the actress plays Allison Argent in Teen Wolf.

  • Bear in mind, this will be a side project for me so please be patient. I'll reply to your request with a link to the video when I have used your pairing.

    If you want to check out random vids I've done in the past you can do so here.
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