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    Founded in June of 2013, Ivashkov Art is primarily, an art business, specializing in producing paintings to hang up around the temple and other buildings when they're finished. Though it still bears the name of its founder, Adrian Ivashkov, it has since passed into the hands of Rose Hathaway. It's worth noting that anyone who might come to speak to the owner in regards to art, that unlike the artists who work there, her creative knowledge isn't only limited, it's non-existent. She will likely direct you to one of the artists if you have any questions.

Floor Plan

Art Studio

    The studio itself is a large area with good lighting, intended to be a creative space for artists to work. There is no set opening or closing time, it's always open to anyone who works here and materials have been provided by the agents. Non-Staff members can make use of the space but must do so by speaking with somebody who already works there.

Studio Courtyard

    A large paved, semi-enclosed area with tables and chairs, a shed to house larger objects needed; ladders and assorted other tools that may be used in installing art at the gallery.

Back Room

    A very small, sparse, studio apartment style living quarters that boasts a bed, kitchenette and bathroom. Bathroom and kitchen are available for staff to use and the lack of door between the Art Studio and the living area means that privacy is at best, limited.

Art Gallery

    Initially, finished works that didn't go straight to the temple or other buildings in Teleios were left to collect dust but the space next to the studio has been slowly refurbished over the last year and has now been converted into a small gallery that people can simply come and enjoy, or inquire about taking the art for their homes and or businesses. The art on display has been created by a number of people in Teleios, not just the resident artists. Any member of the indebted that wishes to submit works to be put on display only has to speak with the owner.

OOC Information

  • Hand-waving interactions to have permission to use the studio space is fine so long as no damage is done to the studio in the process.
  • Hand-waving interactions to have art hung in the gallery is also fine, just don't go crazy and assume that most of the gallery is displaying your characters stuff.
  • Art commissions are available. If you want an excuse for your character to seek out a particular artist that they have never met ICly, feel free to handwave a conversation between your character and the owner telling them who to go and speak to.
  • Any questions, either contact [ profile] brooklyn2181, PM [personal profile] littledhampir or comment to this entry.


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